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The Secret to Going Viral on Instagram

Do you wish you could go viral on Instagram?

We know… sometimes it seems that the only creators who get featured on the Discover page are ones with huge followings and tons of engagement already, but that’s not the case.

>>Small accounts can go viral just as much as big accounts can!<<

In fact, we have seen Social Curator users with very small audiences go viral because they created Instagram Reels using trending audio, wrote captions that speak to their Ideal Client, and ensured that they utilized a content strategy that increased their discoverability.

Today, we want to break each of these elements down so you can recreate their success and go viral on Instagram once and for all! Let’s get started. 

1. Create Content with A Strategy

Creating content with a strategy to increase your discoverability starts with being aware of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements within Instagram.

Using descriptive keywords, using relevant hashtags, adding keywords next to your name, and adding descriptive alt text to your posts are all ways to utilize SEO to your advantage. 

2. Speak to Your Ideal Client

Writing captions that speak to your Ideal Client is more than just using Social Curator caption templates… Although that’s a great start!

The key to writing captions that speak to your dream customer is to use phrases they use themselves, make references they will understand and relate to, and speak directly to their pain points as they pertain to how you can solve their problem.

It doesn’t matter how great your photo, video, or Reel is… If your caption does not draw their attention in and ask for a call to action at the end, you will not receive any engagement, which is crucial to going viral!

3. Use Trending Reel Audio

Last but not least, this is one of the most important elements to going viral on Instagram in 2022: using trending audio in your Reels.

With just a few hundred followers, your Instagram Reels can be seen by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people if you use a trending song that many people are searching for. 

When you use trending audio, it shows up on the audio page for that particular song, and will also likely be featured on the Discover page as the Instagram algorithm promotes Reels with that audio.

Every week inside the Social Curator Community, we share trending audio that you can use for marketing your business on Instagram reels. Click >>HERE<< to start your subscription today and get access to our incredible community and social media resources!

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