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3 Myths You’re Believing About Instagram Reels

We’re willing to bet you’re believing 3 myths about Instagram Reels right now, and it’s holding you back from creating them.

*There, we said it!*

The truth is, we ALL tell ourselves stories that aren’t true in order to stay comfortable and in our comfort zone.

But today, we’re going to bust through the myths you’re believing so you have no excuses not to show up! Ready? Let’s go!

Myth #1: You NEED to have a large following in order to go viral.

Did you know you can receive thousands, if not millions, of views on your Instagram Reels even if you have under 1,000 followers?

We have seen Social Curator users with very small audiences create viral Reels using the trending audio we shared inside our Community, like Sophie and Karla:

Sophie and Kira are the perfect examples of having a small following, but still going viral with their Instagram Reels. 

And you can too, friend!

Myth #2: Dancing is a MUST.

Say it with us: you do not need to dance to have Reels with lots of views, comments, saves, and shares.

We promise you, it’s true!

It’s important for you to know the latest trends to have your Reels get seen by thousands, but not all trends involve crazy dance moves.

Instead of dancing, try relatable voiceovers, you working behind the scenes, on your product from start to finish, or even write your message on a notepad.

That’s right, you don’t even have to show your face!

Just remember: dancing is NOT a must to be successful on Reels… So please kick this myth to the curb!

Myth #3: Large accounts are the ONLY ones being featured on the Explore page.

Friend, any size Instagram account can be featured on the Explore page as long as you’re sharing quality content. 

We have always said that social media should be social and this change prioritizes connection.

*So the good news is that if you have been listening all along, your strategy doesn’t need to change at all!*

We believe you should get others to know, like, and trust you by providing content that’s valuable and meets your Ideal Client at every step of their journey.

>>Each piece of content you create should entertain, educate, or empower your Ideal Client.<<

  • If your ideal customer is new to what you offer, you must first entertain.
  • Once they know you and like you, you begin to educate.
  • Finally, once you have shown that you provide value, you empower them to take action.

As you create your social media strategy, just intentionally choose what would be best for your Ideal Client and create it!

Now that we've busted through the myths you believed about Instagram Reels, it’s time for the fun part: hit record!

If you’re new to creating Reels and aren’t sure where to begin, our Instagram Reels Checklist is sure to help you take action. It has everything you need to get started and ensure you’re creating the best content possible! Download it >>HERE<< and start recording… And remember, you don’t even have to show your face at all! #amen

J* + The Social Curator Team


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