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The Story Behind Our Business Name, Social Curator

This is something very few people know…

Have you ever heard the story behind our business name, Social Curator?

*Honestly, many people on our own team haven’t heard it, so you aren’t alone!*

Let us set the scene for you…

It was January 2017, and Jasmine, her husband JD, and their mentor James Wedmore were sitting in a New York City bar after a business mastermind and Jasmine felt defeated.

She was one of the most successful photographers in the world, but she felt another calling... 

>>Jasmine wanted to deliver social media content for business owners to help prevent them from feeling lost, overwhelmed, and fed up with marketing their business on social media.<<

As they brainstormed what their new business venture would look like, a few name ideas rose to the top (and they even purchased the website domains):

  • Your Social Media Delivered...
  • Social Media Delivery...
  • Your Social Concierge…

and more.

But finally, James helped them land on the name Social Curator and the rest, as they say, is history!

When they eventually launched Social Curator in June 2017, it started out as a simple membership site in which business owners would receive 15 caption templates and 30 lifestyle photos to use on social media every single month.

*Oh how we’ve grown!*

Now, Social Curator is a subscription that provides everything you need to up-level your social media marketing.

When you start your Social Curator subscription, every month you receive:

  • Group coaching and masterclasses (with Jasmine and other industry experts)
  • 30 Caption Templates per month (so you know precisely what to say)
  • 5 Instagram Story Templates per month (to make it easier for you to show up)
  • A Gallery of 5,000+ Lifestyle Photos (so you always have scroll-stopping photos)
  • Daily bite-sized Actions (to boost your engagement on social media)
  • Reel ideas and trending audio (shared weekly in our private Community)
  • A monthly Marketing Action Plan (to educate you on various social media topics)

Friend, if you’d like to join our monthly group coaching sessions, participate in masterclasses, and get INSPIRED to show up on social media feeling confident, Social Curator will provide all the tools and resources you need.

Click >>HERE<< to start your subscription today, and we’ll see you inside.

J* + The Social Curator Team


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