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How to Host a Live Launch to Promote Your Business

When Jasmine created her first social media marketing course in 2016, she was so proud of the work she had done but had no idea how to get the content into the hands of her Ideal Client.

For weeks, she racked her brain and scribbled notes on cocktail napkins while brainstorming over tapas with her husband, JD.

Finally, it hit them: Jasmine needed to give her audience a sneak peek of what she taught in her digital course to show them the value of it.

That day, she decided to host a free virtual class teaching a brief overview of one of the lessons in her course and at the end of it, Jasmine informed them that they could dive even deeper into what they learned by purchasing her digital course.

Much to her surprise, her audience was receptive, and she spent the next 30 minutes answering questions about the course to ensure each business owner felt seen, heard, and that they were making the right decision for their business. 

After she ended the call and excitedly watched hundreds of course purchases roll in, Jasmine knew she had unlocked a new way of marketing her business: a live launch.

Since that Hail Mary moment, we’ve used the same method over a dozen times to market Social Curator, which has helped over 30,000 business owners as a result of launching live.

Now you might be thinking: “Okay, that sounds awesome… But what IS a live launch?”

Generally speaking, a live launch is when you release a product or service to a live audience. There’s many ways you can do this, such as to an email list, in a Facebook group, at a speaking event or through social media, but the Social Curator team has found that the most effective method for us is through hosting a free live class.

There are three phases to every live launch: the warm-up phase, the invite phase, and the launch phase.

  • In the warm-up phase (~2 weeks long), it’s important to create content that serves your audience with something they need to build the know, like, and trust factor they’ll have in your brand. This should begin 4 weeks before you plan to host your free class. To kickstart your content creation in this phase, click >>HERE<< to download 20 content ideas for ANY industry!
  • The invite phase (~2 weeks long) is when you invite your audience to attend your upcoming free class on all social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. This should begin 2 weeks before you plan to host your free class.
  • Finally, the launch phase (~1 week long) is kicked off by your free class and continues for the next week. This is when you present your product or service as a solution to your Ideal Client’s problem, often offering some sort of limited-time discount or bonus for those who invest during this time. 

Want to learn more about the tools you need to host your first live launch, how to outline your live class, and grab a checklist to ensure you don’t miss a single step of this process? Download our free guide, How to Host a Free Class That Turns Followers Into Customers, so you can start launching live in no time!

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