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Post in 5 Minutes or Less… for FREE!

Imagine posting on social media in 5 minutes or less…

This CAN be your reality, and for FREE, too!

During your 14-day free trial of Social Curator, you have a personalized login to your Social Curator Dashboard and have access to:

  • Marketing Action Plan: Slaying Social: A Guide to Up-level Your Online Marketing
  • 30 Customizable Caption Templates
  • 5 Instagram Story Sets
  • Access to a Photo Gallery of 5,000+ Lifestyle Images
  • Access to the Caption Library
  • Unlimited number of post drafts

Let’s dive into each of these elements, shall we?

Marketing Action Plan: Slaying Social: A Guide to Up-level Your Online Marketing

Imagine this…

  • Your feet are in quicksand
  • You’re clawing the ground, trying to gain traction
  • No matter how hard you try, you’re slowly sinking 

You’re stuck. 

Does this visual describe where you are in your business right now? Do you feel stuck (even buried) within the tasks, responsibilities, and many hats that you wear as a business owner? 

You're not alone… and you don't have to stay stuck. 

Social Curator is here for the rescue - think of this Action Plan as your Get Unstuck Toolkit for those days when you feel like social media is just too “sticky.” It provides action steps for you to take to not only get unstuck, but to stay unstuck!

30 Customizable Caption Templates

Struggling to write social media captions? Check out the gift that just keeps on giving: the Social Curator Caption Library, where Social Curator users search all of the Caption Templates they own to never run out of things to say on social media! 

These templates are fully customizable for ANY business (yes, even yours!). Whether your business is product-based or service-based, you’re in direct sales or you create courses, all of the caption templates can be easily tailored to YOUR business so that you can start posting in 5 minutes or less every day.

The best part? These caption templates are designed to maximize your engagement by following our proven caption formula!

5 Instagram Story Sets

The key to creating engaging content on social media is to provide education, inspiration, or entertainment, and Instagram Stories are a GREAT way to do just that. 

That’s why as part of your Social Curator free trial, you receive 5 Instagram Story sets that are designed to help maximize engagement on your account!

All Story sets are fully customizable within Canva, a free graphic-design platform so that you can easily match your own branding if you wish. Or, you can choose to share the done-for-you version to start sharing Stories right away!

Photo Gallery of 5,000+ Lifestyle Images

Wish you ALWAYS had a photo at your fingertips to visually represent your business online? That's what the Social Curator Photo Gallery is for. 

To find the perfect image to visually represent your business in social media posts, newsletters, blogs, and other marketing materials filter the Gallery by:

  • Category
  • Orientation
  • Editing Style
  • Color

Or you can search keywords such as tea, health, nature, or anything else related to your business!

(You can also “favorite” images you love and create “Collections” that allow you to categorize your favorite photos however you’d like.)

No matter what your business is, we’re confident there’s something for everyone in our Photo Gallery containing thousands of lifestyle images. PLUS, you can edit, crop, or add text to the images, and there is no photo credit required when you post!

Gone are the days of spending HOURS finding the perfect light and taking the perfect photo… with exclusive Social Curator lifestyle images, your business will ALWAYS look professional and branded.

Caption Library

The Caption Library makes it easy to search, edit, favorite, and mark captions as “used” in your account.

You can also filter captions by those you’ve previously marked as favorites, as well as by the 7 Social Curator caption categories that help you talk about your business without selling your business (such as Behind the Scenes, About Me, Benefits, and more)!

Unlimited Post Drafts

When you’re ready to customize a caption, simply add it to the Quick Drafts feature by clicking the pencil icon and then fill in the blanks mad-lib style.

Then, complete your post draft by heading over to our Photo Gallery where you can sort and filter through thousands of lifestyle images to find the perfect image to visually represent your business!

(OR you can choose to save your draft without a photo and just use a visual of your own from your camera roll when it comes time to post.)

If you’re tired of spending hours writing a single caption and taking the perfect photo, a Social Curator free trial is your time-saving solution (and not to mention your new secret weapon).

Get a sneak peek of Social Curator in >>this post<<, and if you’re ready to see for yourself how easy it is to post in 5 minutes or less, start your free trial >>HERE!<<

J* + The Social Curator Team


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