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How to Write Scroll-Stopping Captions for Social Media

We’ve all been there, friend…

  • Side-eyeing someone else’s grid for caption inspo
  • Mapping out a content strategy by jotting a few ideas down, crumpling up the paper, and asking your toddler to ‘pick a hand, any hand’
  • Dramatically getting down ‘on bended knee’ a la Boyz II Men and asking the algorithm gods why they hate you so much

*Is this a bad time to mention the new algorithm? Thought so.*

So far, you’ve managed to Pacman your ever-dwindling sanity and valuable time to no avail… No new prospects, No new clients, And the sales needle hasn’t budged one.single.inch.

You’ve got mouths to feed, student loans to pay off — plus you’ve been eyeing that new Shake Weight.  (You dream big, Bae.)

And yeah, you’ve heard about those crazy Insta success stories… “Cool. Sooooo glad it worked for them. Truly.”  *Golf clap* But you?

You lack the time and patience to keep learning and testing all these fancy schmancy Insta tactics, especially when nothing’s working! You need a prescription for practical and you need results like three days ago. Nope, make that five days ago.

>>Here’s the scoop, Buttercup: There’s a little-known difference between being ON Instagram and USING Instagram.<<

And that difference separates those who make Benjamins from those who…..well…..cry into their Ben & Jerry’s because it’s just not fair!

Today we’re going to teach you the Proven Social Curator H.I.C. Caption Formula to get more eyes on your business and drive engagement to your profile: Hook → Insights → Call To Action.

Let’s break each of these elements down, shall we?



We all want to have real, authentic conversations on Instagram, so what’s stopping us? The answer is that our posts actually have to get seen and READ.

You may be worried about why people aren’t engaging with your posts, but the problem may be that they aren’t reaching the point of the post where you ask them to engage. The solution is to start each post with a hook.

Some examples of great hooks to start your caption with are:

  • Identify a specific audience, for example “Calling all Wisconsin Brides!”
  • Reveal a juicy share, like “You’ll never believe what I’m about to confess.”
  • Ask an engaging question, such as “This might get awkward: Can you blame me for…”


Every great caption serves your followers with what they need to hear, such as a helpful tutorial, the “why” behind what you do, or motivation to tackle the day.

We recommend using the Quick Caption Quiz to make sure the content you’re creating is one your ideal client will resonate with.

Next time you’re stuck, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this caption helpful or informative?
  2. Is this caption inspiring?
  3. Am I giving people a reason or a way to respond?
  4. Does it explain who I am or what I do?
  5. Would my ideal client find it interesting?

Call to Action

Often, we put so much time and energy into creating an intriguing caption that we may forget about the most important aspect of social media: engagement.

>>Without engagement, does it really even matter if someone reads your caption or not? *Mic drop*<<

You never want to post a valuable caption on social media without giving them a chance to connect with you further, either by investing in your services or simply liking or commenting on your post.

Here are a few calls-to-actions you can use to spark inspiration for your next post:

  • Double tap if _______ [you can relate/you’re also an introvert/etc.]!
  • Drop an emoji below _______ [if you’re as excited about the new season of American Idol as I am/that represents your mood today/etc.]!
  • Tag a friend who _______ [inspires you/is constantly making you laugh/etc.]!
  • Want to learn more? Check out the link in my bio!
  • Send me some love in the comments if you agree!

There you have: the EXACT strategy we teach inside Social Curator on how to post captions that stop someone’s scroll, cause them to read all the way to the bottom, and drive engagement (and more importantly, SALES) for your business.

At Social Curator, we love sharing *everything* we know about business, social media, Mexican food… 

*Okay, maybe not that last one, but Jasmine CAN make a mean margherita!* 

If you want even more business strategies, social media resources, and a community to hold you accountable, Social Curator is calling your name!

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updated CTA 8/12/21

J* + The Social Curator Team


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