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How to Post on Social Media in Just 30 Minutes Per Week

Friend, what if we told you you could post on social media in just 30 minutes or less per week?

Would you think we’re crazy, or dive right in and listen to what we have to say?

Because in order to make this happen, you have to do the work.

>>Social media marketing isn’t for everyone, but for HUSTLERS who are willing to be strategic and do the work.<<

If that sounds like you, then read on to find out how to post on social media in just 30 minutes per week… It’s an easier strategy than you think.

Step 1: Create Photo Topics

First, choose 7-12 photo topics, which are photos you want to use to visually represent your brand. When it comes to choosing your photo topics, post whatever makes YOU comfortable sharing. It all comes down to showing off what makes you unique as a business owner is one of the most powerful things you possess. 


There is no “right or wrong,” but as an example here are Jasmine’s photo topics:

  1. Coffee
  2. Her husband JD
  3. Their dog Polo, who she casually jokes is our CEO
  4. Their daughter Luna
  5. Jasmine as a business owner (speaking, teaching, etc)
  6. California (palm trees, Newport Beach, etc)
  7. Empowering quotes
  8. Jasmine as a photographer (camera, shooting, etc)

Step 2: Create Caption Categories

Caption categories empower you to talk about your business without having to SELL your business. If you’re a member of Social Curator, you know we recommend that you come up with 9-12 categories for your account (so on Instagram, there will be at least 3 rows of photos/captions about varying topics). At Social Curator we provide 7 different caption categories you can use to get your started (including About Me, My Why, Behind the Scenes, and more). Then, just fill in the remaining few with caption categories or your own!

Step 3: Plan Your Content

Now that you have consistent photo topics and caption categories, it’s very simple to plan your content every week. For every day of the upcoming week, simply:

  1. Choose a photo topic.
  2. Choose a caption category.
  3. Customize a caption template or write the caption from scratch.
  4. Schedule or plan to post in real time.

*And voila!*

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3 cheers for saving time, planning ahead, and getting more customers!

J* + The Social Curator Team


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