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How to Beat the Algorithm

Hustler, do you want to get your posts SEEN (even if you don’t have a million followers, a picture-perfect life, or TikTok dance moves)? If so, keep reading, because we’re going to share with you how to BEAT the algorithm!

There are three main desires business owners truly want: 

  1. You want your posts seen.
  2. You want your followers to engage.
  3. You want the algorithm to work for you.

*Can we get an AMEN?!*

Well, we’re gonna be real with you. The three biggest struggles making it harder for you on social media are: Consistency, Time, and Creating Content.

BUT you must be consistent, make time, and create content in order to be seen and get engagement in the algorithm... so you have to get past your struggles in order to get your desires.

And your POSTS are what the algorithm needs to get what you want!

>>Social media platforms rely on your behavior to create your unique feed. That means we could follow the exact same accounts, but our feeds will be different based on how we interact with those accounts.<<

There are three main factors that determine what YOUR followers see in THEIR feed:

  1. Relationship (if your followers have interacted with a lot of your past content, they’ll be more likely to see your future content)
  2. Interest (this is based on whether a follower engages with similar posts and accounts)
  3. Relevancy (when you publish a post, the algorithm gives it a relevancy score, which impacts who see it in their feed)

Remember: The algorithm’s job is to keep followers on the platform. It does this by showing engaging, interesting, and relevant posts.

There are some followers who like, comment, and share with REGULARITY, but there are also some followers who just SCROLL RIGHT PAST WHAT WE POST. So, are you ready to change how your followers engage with your posts to BEAT the algorithm? Here we go!


The first way to ensure your followers see your content in their feed is through your Relationship - and that is beaten by engagement.

So, how are you getting your followers to engage?

>>The anatomy of an engaging piece of content is the Social Curator HIC Formula: Hook, Insights, and Call to Action.<<

Your Hook gets your followers to stop their scroll and keep reading, the Insights are the meat of your caption that serves them with what they need to hear, and your Call to Action (this is the most important part!) is asking them to DO something (AKA show the algorithm they like your content)


Now, let’s get into how to beat the second factor: Interest - which is beaten by attracting your ideal client.

Ideal clients are followers who know, like, and trust your account and support your business. How do you find them?

Well, the easiest way is on your Instagram Stories because they’re a fun, casual way to build relationships.

>>Once you post a Story, you’ll be able to find your ideal clients because they’re the ones viewing most of your stories, voting on polls, engaging with quizzes, and sending you messages.<<

So, friend, post on Instagram Stories EVERY day to build relationships and increase your ideal client’s interest!


Now, we’ve made it to beating the final piece of the algorithm: Relevancy, which is beaten by recent inventory.

These are timely posts the algorithm selects to show followers… and we mentioned before that you have to POST to “feed” the algorithm. This means YOU are in charge of the inventory! 

>>The more you give the algorithm (in other words: the more your post), the more you’ll have a chance to beat the algorithm.<<

Consistent, daily posts and Stories work in your favor. When you give the algorithm options, it’ll show posts to followers who are most likely to engage (your ideal client). So, not only will you be getting more engaged followers… You’ll be getting more CLIENTS, too.

Hustler, here is a recap of what we just discussed that will help you successfully market your business on social media:

  • Step 1. Get engagement from your content using the HIC Formula
  • Step 2. Find ideal clients on Instagram Stories
  • Step 3. Post daily to build inventory

As you can see, this 3-step plan is the key to beating the algorithm.

>>Consistency leads to trust, trust leads to engagement, and engagement leads to your posts getting seen in the algorithm.<<

The more your posts are seen, the easier it is to market your business on social media... period! 

So, what are you going to do today?

  • POST on your feed.
  • RECORD a Story.
  • Create CONSISTENT content.

Before you know it, you’ll be giving the algorithm what it needs: more of YOU!

If you’re ready to beat the algorithm, it’s time to get consistent, friend. And our Productivity Planner can help you do just that! Download it >>HERE<< for a step-by-step guide on how we plan big projects and break them down into smaller, more manageable steps.

We can’t WAIT to see how you use social media to work in your favor and build a business (and a life) you love.

J* + The Social Curator Team


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