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Building Your Business in Your Spare Time (Three 5-Minute Social Media Actions Included!)

Want 3 no-nonsense, no fluff, super specific things to do on social media TODAY to get more engagement? We gotchu!

Seriously, if you have just 5 minutes to market your business on social media today, do one of THESE three things and watch your audience begin engaging right before your eyes.

But before we dive into all of the details, we need you to do one thing: you need to commit to showing up consistently.

We promise you, friend, this is the most crucial component of the process.

>>Showing up consistently with valuable content is what will push your social media success over the top.<<

Are you in?

*Good, we knew we liked you!*

Here are 3 actions to take on social media TODAY:

  • Action 1: Choose a hashtag that your ideal client would search for/engage in and leave thoughtful comments on the 5 most recent posts. (Bonus points if your comment includes a question to prompt a conversation!) Set a reminder for tomorrow to check back to see if anyone “liked” your comment. If they did, send them a DM and start a conversation!
  • Action 2: Record a 15-60 second video for your Stories, sharing one thing you do behind the scenes for your business. Invite your followers to “Ask You Anything” about it using the Question Sticker, and be sure to follow up with a response.
  • Action 3: Send a DM to 5 of your most engaged followers and ask them what they want to see more of on your account (Behind the scenes of your business? Videos of your dog? How to style your cloth napkins?). Be sure to respond and then tag them in any content you create based on their ideas!

Boom! Shout-out to Your Daily Action within Social Curator for providing these detailed steps.

Now, choose ONE action to do today (search through a hashtag, record a Story, or DM your followers), another to do tomorrow, and finish off the challenge 2 days from now with the third action.

Then, here’s the kicker: continue taking action--wait for it--CONSISTENTLY.

Remember what we told you a few moments ago? Consistency is KEY to your social media success. So, get out there and start taking ACTION today! 

If you’d like 3 bite-size actions just like these given to you every.single.day, start your Social Curator subscription! With Your Daily Action, you’ll never have to wonder what to post, how to engage, or where to find your ideal client ever again. Click >>HERE<< to join Social Curator today!

J* + The Social Curator Team


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