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Instagram Story Tips for Getting More Customers

When an actor or actress steps in front of a camera, the camera crew and directing team expect results. They expect greatness. They expect confidence. 


But being in front of a camera can be intimidating.

The same is true for Instagram Stories.

Although it’s one of our favorite social media features and we try to show up on Stories everyday, we, too, still get camera shy.

But friend, every time we get ready to press record, we wipe off our sweaty palms and swallow the big lump in our throats because we understand that Stories pack a powerful punch.

>>The truth is, over 500 million Instagram users watch Stories every. single. day.<<

That alone is enough to prove just how many people you can connect with by posting photos or videos to your profile, even if they’re only viewable for 24 hours!

Using this platform to reach your audience can massively uplevel your business, but it may be one of the more uncomfortable job descriptions on your resumé… and we get that.

It’s natural to feel unnatural in front of a camera. 

That’s why we want to give you 5 Instagram Story tips that we hope will help boost your camera confidence AND build your brand!

  1. Be Consistent: Determine how often you want to show up on Stories each week and stick to it! We recommend posting a minimum of 3-5 stories per day if you are posting on your feed every day, too.
  2. Increase Discoverability: Use hashtags, geo tags, and @mentions to improve the odds of people finding your profile when they’re searching for specific things.
  3. Repurpose Content: Promote other content (grid content, blog posts, articles, videos, etc.), inform the audience as to why they should check it out, and provide information on where to find it.
  4. Use Brand Words: Provide content that showcases three brand words that speak specifically to your business and what you strive for. Using these brand words will teach your audience how to speak about you, too!
  5. Use Engagement Tools: There are plenty of engagement tools you can use to get engagement, from polling your audience on content that they’d like to see from you in the future, to asking more about them in a Question sticker to build relationships.

There you have it!

With practice, dedication, and consistency, we know you’ll get more confident in front of the camera. You just need to do the work!

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