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How to Be a Heart-Centered CEO

She NEVER thought we'd share this…

A few months ago, our founder and CEO, Jasmine Star, wrote THIS vulnerable message in our team's Slack channel:

"Mad team love to the Development Team today, who I got to *socially distance* air-hug this week while co-creating something BIG...

1️. Jake: You know I'm partial to INTJ's, so let's keep partying together. I dig your epic Burbank side-eye, your 12 outfit changes to find the perfect graphic t-shirt, and I especially like your big brain...only rivaled by your big heart.

2️. Daniel: I know people joke and refer to me as your mom (AND I MIGHT SHANK THE NEXT PERSON WHO REPEATS THAT), but when I see your brilliance and hear you talk, my first thought is that I'd be incredibly lucky to have a kid like you. You're insightful, articulate, and wildly hard working. Social Curator code is blessed to have you whip it into shape.

3️. Ben: You jumped right in. It feels like Social Curator always saved a spot for you, not-so-patiently waiting for the right time. Lucky for us, 2021 parked you (and your high-cuffed jeans) into the right seat at the right time. Continue sharing your insightful and well-thought-out thoughts.

4️. JD: Today marks the day we've kept a baby human alive for 365 days....go us. It also marks the end of a week when you warmed my coffee, drove hours, swept endless pounds of confetti, pushed me toward bravery, and pulled me from doubt. Everything that is good and kind in Social Curator stems from the core of who you are."

If Jasmine isn't the most humble, real, heart-centered CEO ever, we don't know who is.

Are you wondering how to be a heart-centered CEO, too?

Whether you’re working with one virtual assistant or a team of 20 like us, simply follow this one Golden Rule:

>>Lead your team the way you’d want to be led.<<

As long as you abide by this rule, you’ll be golden! *Pun intended.*

Speaking of coming from the heart…. We’d LOVE to get to know you better, friend. Check out this post: Who’s Behind the Screen on the Social Curator Team!

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