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What Link Should Be In Your Instagram Bio? Read to Find Out!

A common question many Social Curator users ask us is: “What link should be in my Instagram bio?”

To be honest, it always excites us to hear this question. *We know, we’re total social media marketing nerds. No need to point it out, okaaaay?*

But really… If you’re considering what link to put in your bio, that means you’re thinking about your social media marketing strategy with intention and you understand that social media can make a difference in your business.

(Like Jonetta, a Social Curator user, who doubled her sales last year using our social media resources. Or Melanie, whose social media alone generated 30% of her sales!) 

So if you want to know what link you should have in your social media bios, we have a word of advice for you:

>>Don’t just build a following… Build your email list.<<

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Even though we teach social media marketing, at Social Curator, we are huuuuge fans of diversifying marketing efforts, because we don’t own our social media followers.

In order to grow our businesses in the long term, we need a way to connect with our community on a deeper level in a place we OWN... an email list, that is!

This is why we recommend the link in your social media bio being a link to a free gift (AKA freebie) rather than just your website.

This way, every time someone clicks the link in your bio, they are one step closer to joining your email list so you can nurture the relationship even further.

Now that you know what link to put in your Instagram bio, we bet you’re asking a new question: What should my free gift be?”

That’s where our free guide, 10 Freebie Ideas to Build Your List TODAY comes in! Not only will you receive 10 fool-proof ideas to help you come up with a free gift in exchange for your followers’ emails, but it will also elaborate the importance of email marketing and explain how to implement a freebie into your marketing strategy. Download it >>HERE!<<

J* + The Social Curator Team


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