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Imagine what it would look like to live your perfect day. Think about what time you’d wake up, where you’d work and how excited you’d be to see sales roll in.

Now, imagine what you’d be doing to market your business everyday…


Umm, right. That last part? Marketing your business? That’s where a shiver of anxiety creeps in and you might want to faceplant on your desk.

  • Where will you find the time?
  • How will you know the right things to say?
  • And--please--let’s not talk about creating a daily routine to market your business everyday, amiright??

But allow me to deal it to you straight:

Routines add structure to our days, keep us organized, and ensure we make time for the things that push us forward in our life and business.

That’s why we created a 7 Day Content Planner designed to make planning social media content for your business another one of your routines, just like it has become one of ours.

Every week, you can follow the system we’re about to share with you to show up, market your business, and write captions that drive engagement.

*How does that sound?*

If it sounds like a good plan but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, allow us to speak into that for a moment...

A wise person once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Even though I included everything you need to plan 7 days worth of content in this workbook, you won’t get it 100% “right” the first time.

And you know what?

We want you to take action anyway.

  • Messy Action
  • Scrappy Action
  • Scary Action
  • Fearful Action
  • Doubtful Action
  • Uncertain Action
  • Any Action

If you’re ready to turn your followers into customers with a fool-proof system that allows you to post in 5 minutes or less per day, let’s take ACTION, Hustler! Click >>HERE<< to download our new 7 Day Content Planner and start designing your social media routine.

J* + The Social Curator Team


In our 7 Day Content Planner, you’ll learn how to plan a week’s worth of social media posts in one sitting, PLUS you’ll receive 7 customizable caption templates designed to get people talking back to you!


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