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Are Hashtags Still Necessary on Instagram?

Are hashtags still necessary on Instagram?!

If you’re anything like the business owners inside the private Social Curator Community, you’ve probably been wondering this question recently.

*Between rumors of shadow-banning, articles stating hashtags don’t work and with no way to track whether or not they are working for your business, it’s been hard to discern what’s factual!*

The good news is that after a long period of silence and misinformation contributing to the mystery of the issue, Instagram has finally come out and explained how Instagram Search works and, more importantly, whether or not hashtags are still necessary. 

So the answer to our original question, according to Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri’s IGTV post, is….

*Drumroll please…*

>>YES! Hashtags are still a necessary component to helping your ideal client discover your business.<<

Think of hashtags as the flashing neon lights that help your business stand out on an overcrowded street, and attract your ideal client.

While they’re simple to use, they’re often the cause of frustration among business owners as they try to figure out how to successfully use them for their business.  

Now lean in close - here’s the secret: hashtags are not a magic wand for your business.

But when used with a plan, hashtags can increase your chances of getting discovered on social media. 

Want that plan? Below are some best practices to follow while using Instagram hashtags:

  • Always include hashtags in the caption (NOT the comment).
  • Just because you can use 30 hashtags, doesn’t mean you should use that many (less is more when it comes to using hashtags effectively).
  • Do your best to use hashtags that don’t have more than 1 million posts attached to them already (the higher the post count, the less discoverable your content will be). 
  • Use hashtags your IDEAL CLIENT is using, not just what your business would use (e.g. If they’re looking for cheap vacations, and you’re a travel agency… #travelingforcheap will be more effective than #travel.

Friend, we could talk about this strategy all day. That’s why we’ve created a FREE resource to that outlines our proven hashtag strategy for business owners, which you can download >>HERE!<<

This guide will provide more examples, a space for you to brainstorm hashtags for your business, and an additional video tutorial we know you’re going to love. Be sure to grab >>How to Create a Hashtag Strategy<< now!

J* + The Social Curator Team


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