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How Amazon Can Cure Your Writer's Block

Have you ever sat down to create a newsletter, Instagram Reel, Facebook post, and content ideas just *won’t* come to you?

We’ve been there, friend.

It can be frustrating not being able to come up with content ideas that will serve your audience well.

>>You know you need to post to market your business… you know the key to growth is consistency… but sometimes the ideas just aren’t flowing.<<

Even though it can feel frustrating, we’ve gotten better at handling these ‘writer’s block’ moments with a nifty hack we’d like to share with you today.

Are you ready? Here it is...

Amazon book reviews.

*Yep, you read that right!*

Reading Amazon book reviews is one of the best (albeit unexpected) ways to come up with content ideas for your business!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. ​​Type a keyword related to your business in the search bar of Amazon.com 
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the left of the search bar and filter the search bar by “Books” 
  3. Read through the reviews of the first few books that come up

>>Chances are, these reviewers are your ideal client and their comments will spark future content ideas for you!<<

*Pro tip: 1 and 2-star reviews that begin with, “I wish this book covered…” are a GOLD MINE of content ideas. Imagine if you could take all of those recommendations and turn them into blogs, newsletters, social media posts, Reels, and more?!*

Let’s look at an example for a henna artist.

In the 2-star reviews for the second book that appeared on our search, these quotes stood out as potential content ideas:

  • Review: “What I don't care for is the lack of detailed explanation as to why the addition of the essential oils of "seeds of any kind" will make the henna application darker.”
  • Content Idea: How to blend certain oils and seeds to adjust your henna application color.
  • Review: “The book is very informative but when we went to use the henna there was no real colour left on the skin.”
  • Content Idea: How to elongate the color of your henna
  • Review: “I wish it had more beginner's patterns rather than just pictures with complicated drawings.”
  • Content Idea: Henna designs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists.

See? In just a few moments, we have 3 content ideas from 3 different 2-star Amazon book reviews. Easy as pie!

We hope this *weird* tip helps you come up with some content ideas for your business.

Clearly, we’re familiar with this ‘stuck’ feeling, just like we’re sure you are too… Which is why we created a comprehensive list of 20 Content Ideas for Any Industry to refer to whenever we get stuck.

We want to help you discover the content that is already within you, and use it to bring your business to new heights. So download our free guide >>HERE<< and never run out of things to post AGAIN!

J* + The Social Curator Team


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