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A (Loving) Kick in the Pants

Hey friend, it's me, Jasmine.

I’m in a—how do the French say it?—LE MOOD.

I’m in a place where I need to say what I need to say, so no apologies for anything I write in this post from here on out!

I think it’s easier to say, “we don’t have what it takes.”

  • “We don’t have time,” we say.
  • “The money isn’t available.”
  • We tell those who ask, “it just doesn’t work for us.”

>>It’s easier to shrug and feign confusion than to actually figure out what the heck we need to fix.<<

But you know what?

Those are all excuses for not even TRYING to accomplish your goals.

Because if you don’t try, you’ll never fail. Right?

*Don’t even pretend you’ve never thought that before!*

Now listen, Buttercup… I get it.

  • It’s hard to try again.
  • It’s hard to get another rejection letter.
  • It’s hard wondering where the next contract will come from.
  • It’s hard to make (and stick!) to a marketing plan.

But if we aren’t willing to do the hard work, can we complain about the results?

No. Of course not.

We can’t complain about the results if we don’t do the work. And if we refuse to do the work, we’re committing to stay stuck where we are, letting the world (and our competition) pass us by.

That’s why we have to try new things and be dedicated to doing the hard work.

>>When we’re courageous enough to try new things, stay committed, and embrace the suck of feeling like we’re behind, we open pathways to see the reality of our situations.<<

And the reality is this:

  • We do have what it takes... but will we try?
  • We can find time to work… but will we search?
  • We can try to make it work… but will we remain undaunted?

I know you will, Hustler, because you’re not a quitter.

I hope this is exactly the reminder you needed that you can do hard things… and you’ll continue trying the best you can, untethered to the results.

If you need help overcoming this and other mental roadblocks you might face and take control over more aspects of your business, I’d love to send you my free Mindset Makeover Workbook. Download it >>HERE<< and start reframing those negative thoughts into something positive. I can’t wait for you to feel that freedom, friend!

Jasmine Star


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