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5 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Instagram

Do you wish your Instagram account made more SALES for your business?

*After all, you can’t cash in your ‘likes’ at the bank!*

The key to growing your business on Instagram is to educate, empower, and entertain your audience in various ways (like mixing it up with photos, long-form videos, text posts, short-form videos, and more).

Keep scrolling to find out our top 5 FAVORITE ways to grow your business using Instagram.

#1: Educate Your Audience by Creating Infographics and Carousels

Currently, one of the best ways to get awareness for your business on Instagram is through carousels, a series of photos on your feed that your audience can scroll through on the same topic. Check out >>this Instagram post<< for 5 ways to create incredible carousels that will blow your followers’ dang minds!

#2: Get Discovered with Instagram Reels

It’s no secret that Reels are ALL the rage right now. And for good reason! Reels are a great way to add value for your current audience, as well as to attract more followers to your account. If you’re just getting on the Reel Train, download our free guide: 10 Easy Reels for Your Business!

In it, you’ll find 10 Instagram Reels scripts, complete with editing tips, song suggestions, and prop recommendations to get engagement and stop your followers’ scroll! Click >>HERE<< to download it for FREE.

#3: Connect with Your Followers via Instagram Stories

The key to using Instagram Stories is not to simply document your day, but to create curated content that resonates with your ideal client and encourages them to participate in your mission. (There, we said it!) Check out >>this blog post<< to learn how to use Instagram Stories strategically for your business.

#4: Stop Using These *Bogus* Growth Strategies

Ohhhhh friend, over the years we have seen so many “growth hacks” that promise more likes, more followers, and more engagement… but trust us: NONE of them work. In fact, stay far away from these growth strategies if you want to grow your business on Instagram:

  1. The “follow and unfollow” game
  2. Having a perfect feed
  3. Using bots
  4. Sharing only sales posts
  5. Not responding to comments

#5: Repurpose Your Content on Instagram Guides

Why work harder when you can work SMARTER? A great way to make use of your previously written content is to consolidate it by topic with Instagram Guides. Check out >>this video<< to learn how to use this tool to grow your business!

There you have it, friend! 

Do these 5 things and before you know it, you’ll get more eyes on your account that are riveted by the content you produce.

We wish you the best of luck as you fine-tune your social media strategy!

J* + The Social Curator Team


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