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5 Strategies for Promoting an Affiliate Link without Sounding Salesy

We get it… it’s easy for affiliates to sound too salesy, and you don’t want to be that person. 

But the fact is, if you truly love being an affiliate and are proud of the product or service you are promoting, you likely want to talk about it often. So how do you market your affiliate link without sounding salesy?

We’ve got 5 strategies to get you started! 

1. Create a Reel Showcasing Your Results

One of the best, non-sales-y ways to promote an affiliate link is by sharing your results using the product or service you’re affiliated with. And since Reels are currently all the rage and currently favored by the algorithm, it’s a great way to showcase your results while increasing engagement!

So, create a Reel detailing your honest review… and don’t forget to include your custom affiliate link throughout!

2. Focus on Delivering Value

As an affiliate, your main focus should be to provide content that is helpful, rich, and valuable to your followers. Check out >>this post<< to learn more about creating value-driven content!

Offering education is one of the quickest ways to build a brand because it builds trust with your audience.

>>People trust those who they respect and who they can count on to help them with solving their problems… so don’t be afraid to share everything (yes, EVERYTHING!) you know.<<

If you know making someone feel something is the foundation of building your brand, why not share something with them that makes them feel educated on the very topic you want to build your expertise in?

3. Incorporate Your Affiliate Link Into a Newsletter Round-Up of Your Favorite Things.

If you have a newsletter list, a great way to serve your readers is by sending them a list of your favorite things you think they’ll love. 

In this list, make one of the links your affiliate link… bonus points if you link to a landing page you’ve created that provides them with further resources to learn more about the product or service you’re promoting!

4. Create a Step-By-Step or How-to Post to Simplify a Complex Question

“How To’s” are always some of our highest-performing posts. These tutorials give you an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, and serve your Ideal Client with something relevant, useful, and valuable!

5. Create Personal Connections

To stand out in a sea of thousands, you need to make them FEEL something, and that means making personal connections with your Ideal Clients. How can you create personal connections in an online world?

  • Respond to every comment
  • Leave comments on at least five accounts each day
  • Reply to your direct messages
  • Send direct messages to others
  • Add comments on social Stories
  • Check-in with a former client simply to say “hi!”
  • Share a link to a helpful article or recommendation you think they might enjoy

Once you’ve incorporated these 5 strategies into your affiliate marketing, you’ll be well on your way to developing the know, like, and trust factor that builds a world-class brand and helps you avoid the “salesy” reputation, and stand out from the rest. 

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