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Why You Should Speak To An Empty Room

This is a note from our CEO, Jasmine Star:

I spoke to an empty room for 21 minutes… AND I DIED.

(This is me, coming back from the grave to tell you that I died.)

So here’s the backstory:

  • Unannounced, I hosted a Clubhouse conversation.
  • I randomly started the Room, expecting to see a few hundred people pop in.
  • [Note: this is the average amount of people in my Rooms]
  • I spoke...I kept speaking...and I continue to speak....
  • NO ONE SHOWED UP. Not a soul.

I would’ve quit after 10 minutes. Okay, who am I kidding? I would’ve quit after two minutes, to be honest.

...But I titled the Room “30-minute Q+A”.

I’m so pig-headed and determined, that I wanted to PROVE to myself that I could do it.

>>So I talked for 21 minutes straight--to no one--before someone came into the Room.<<

I kept speaking until someone showed up….And I think you should, too.

It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and feels pathetic speaking to no one, but we will never fill a room (on social media, or in life) if we stop before someone hears us.

This is your daily reminder: CONTINUE TO SPEAK WHEN NO ONE IS LISTENING. 

Share your words until they find the right person, because what you have to say DOES matter, friend.

And if you’d like to learn how to do this on Clubhouse, we have just the resource for you: Clubhouse 101. Clubhouse may still be in beta, but that isn’t stopping thousands of industry experts from using their voice to network, learn from one another, share ideas, and build genuine relationships with their ideal client… and you can, too! We want to help you get AHEAD of the curve, so click >>HERE<< to download it NOW and learn how to grow your business and use your unique voice on this powerful app!

Jasmine Star


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