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Are Bots Ruining Your Reach?

Wanna know the number one way to get your posts seen and increase your engagement organically? Avoid bots.

>>Fake followers and bots may be targeting your Instagram account and reducing the amount of real people who actually see the content you produce.<<

So, let’s talk about exactly how to spot them and get rid of them so your posts get shown to people who will actually engage!

How to Spot a Bot:

  1. They only have a few posts (or none at all).
  2. They are following a TON of people.
  3. They don’t have a profile photo or bio.
  4. Their username is a bunch of letters + numbers mixed together.

*A bot doesn’t need to have ALL of these elements, but if your recent follower has at least 2… they are a bot!*

Now that you know how to spot a bot, let’s talk about how to clean up your account... without having to use a third-party app (yes Hustler, we’re doing this the old school way!):

  1. Spend 10-15 minutes every day removing bot followers from your account...or
  2. Invest in a virtual assistant who will do this for you!

That's right...something that could take just 10 minutes a day could massively affect the impact your account can have.

>>We know it may be hard for you to remove hundreds or even thousands of followers from your account… but forget about the metrics, friend.<<

Remember: your account will go farther with 1,000 highly engaged followers than 10,000 fake accounts and passive followers just scrolling on by!

Are you ready to do a bit of spring cleaning? Let’s get rid of bots together… and while we’re at it, it would also be a good idea to do a self-audit of your Instagram account, too! To do this, download our free workbook, 3 Steps to Self-Audit Your Instagram Account. Click >>HERE<< to download the workbook *complete with an easy, peasy checklist!* You won’t even be able to recognize your Instagram account after completing this workbook and removing all of the bots ruining your engagement. *You’re welcome!*

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