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Why More Followers Does NOT Mean More Sales

Business owners, we have news for you (and you probably won’t like it)...

>>More followers do NOT mean more sales.<<

Trust us on this one! Here’s why…

Let’s say you're not getting the sales you want right now, and you have 1,000 followers.

Why would gaining 10,000 followers magically result in an increase in your sales? It won’t, friend.

>>If your marketing strategy isn’t converting your followers into customers now, it won’t convert them when you have more.<<

*That’s just real talk!*

There are TONS of business owners in Social Curator who have significantly less than 10,000 followers that are making much more money than users with over 10,000 followers.

Take Kayla, an Interior Designer with under 4,000 followers, as an example. She told us:

“Following Jasmine’s advice and using Social Curator, I have successfully grown my business revenue from $10,000 to over $100,000 in one year!”

Or listen to Morgan, a Photographer with 1,500 followers, who said:

"Since joining Social Curator, my sales have increased from 1-2 bookings to 3-5, and my active leads and engagement are up 159%."

Kayla and Morgan are perfect examples that while many of our users experience more likes and followers from using Social Curator resources, the most successful business owners are more concerned with building a profitable business over gaining popularity.

>>So don’t tell yourself the false narrative that you need more followers to make more sales, and use it as an excuse to not improve your marketing strategy!<<

Now let’s talk about that strategy: making a sale is not as complicated as some may have led you to believe.

Sales are simply having a conversation with somebody who has a pressure point or a problem that your business can help with.

No matter what you’re selling, your marketing strategy HAS to be focused on attracting those who you can uniquely help, and repelling those who know your product or service is not for them.

Let us say it again for the people in the back…

>>Your goal should be to find a SMALL group of people who are entertained, empowered, and educated by the content you create and know that you are uniquely qualified to help them.<<

THAT is the path to growing your business... not getting more followers.

So start serving, start selling, and stop worrying about vanity metrics and follower counts... because they don’t matter!

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J* + The Social Curator Team


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