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Against All Odds

"In 2005, I walked away from a scholarship to UCLA law school to follow my heart. The path led straight to my mother's bedside as she battled brain cancer. 

I told her I dropped out because I wanted to remain at her side, and she reminded me life was too short not to do what I loved. I begged her to walk me down the aisle as I married my best friend and planned a wedding in three months to ensure my hope became a reality. 

Against all odds, my mother and father escorted me to marry my soul mate on a sandy beach in Hawaii. Shortly thereafter, wedded bliss faded into the reality that I was jobless, broken, and desperate to follow my mom's instructions of doing something I loved. 

That Christmas, my husband gifted me a camera, with the permission to pursue my curiosity at all costs. I slowly built a brand, marketed my services, and transformed from a doubtful photographer to a savvy entrepreneur. 

Four years later, I was voted as Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, and my work was published in a litany of magazines. As I diversified my business, I became a speaker and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs inside Social Curator.

Over the years, I've had the honor of helping business owners build the foundation to their endeavors and create the career of their dreams. Together, we've worked through taking risks, daring greatly, and living life to the fullest.

...Oh, and hey, Mom…I'm doing what I love."

If this inspired you today, you *have* to experience Jasmine’s inspirational talks and kick-in-the-pants group coaching sessions inside Social Curator!

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