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3 Actions to Market Your Business on Social Media TODAY

Hey friend, you got 5 minutes? What about 10 or even 20 minutes to spare?

Here are THREE ways you can show up for your business on social media today:

1. If you have 5 minutes...

Customize a Benefits caption template from this month's Issue and post with a corresponding photo.

Here's a Social Curator caption template for you to customize for your business:

Are you ready to try something new? There’s a good chance you never considered __________ [the source of material that goes into things like your bed linens/your option to offload all that party planning to a team of professionals who’ll take care of it all/etc.]. [I/we] get it. It’s easily something __________ [that would never cross your mind/people don’t even know they can do/etc.]. But __________ [our sustainably sourced bamboo actually reverses its own carbon footprint/listen, our team just GETS IT/etc.]. So, be honest… What's something new you’re willing to try?

2. If you have 10 minutes...

Highlight 3-4 small businesses your ideal client/customer might like by sharing their posts in your Stories.

This is a great way to build connections with other brands, as well as serve your audience with additional content!

3. If you have 20 minutes...

Consider promoting your business by creating an ad for Instagram or Facebook.

The simplest way to get started with Facebook and Instagram ads is by boosting one of your past well-performing posts!

We know your time is precious and valuable, and that’s why we created Your Daily Action to help you take advantage of every minute. They are daily, bite-sized actions to boost your engagement on social media and move the needle forward in your business.

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