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5 Ways to Cultivate Community in Your Business

What does Community mean to you?

>>For us, it's networking, collaboration, and support... and that's exactly why the private Social Curator Community is one of our favorite places to hang out on the internet.<<

There’s nothing like bouncing ideas off another business owner, getting an extra set of eyes on a project, or simply having someone in the same season of life to relate with.

Not only that, but we have truly seen our business grow significantly by way of having a collaborative, giving community…

And we recommend other businesses foster the same culture!

If you'd like to cultivate community in YOUR business, keep reading for 5 ways we have nurtured our community over almost 10,000 users since 2017.

1. Unite your tribe with a common goal

People tend to really feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves when they are united with a common goal, cause, or belief. This could be something as simple as everyone planning the wedding of their dreams or as grandiose as making significant change in their local justice system. Whatever it is, make it clear that your community is for a specific group of people who identify under a common cause they are passionate about and proud to be involved with.

2. Spend intentional time listening to members of your community

A strong sense of community does not come under the leadership of a dictator, but resembles more of a democracy. So when your community members request change, recommend a new practice, or offer feedback… Listen to them! If they’re not feeling heard, they will not feel valued… and everyone in your tribe needs to feel like a valuable member in order for the community to thrive.

3. Respond to all comments and DMs

This tip goes hand in hand with the last one: responding to comments and DMs shows your community that you care about what they have to say. So ensure that every member is heard, responded to, and thanked for their participation, and they are much more likely to continue engaging, communicating, and being an active member of your community!

4. Connect your community members with each other

One of our favorite parts about the Social Curator community is when our users connect with each other outside of our private Facebook group; either by going on a coffee date, organizing a mastermind, or putting together a Zoom hang out. As the leader, you can facilitate these types of connections by recommending different members connect with each other, hosting meet-ups for them to meet in person, or facilitating accountability partners for the group.

5. Offer support whenever needed

A giving, supportive community always starts with a giving, supportive leader (yes, YOU!). So whether it’s offering solicited advice to someone in your community, raising awareness when a member needs a helping hand, or making sure everyone feels encouraged in their journey, treat everyone in your community with kindness and empathy to foster the kind of environment you’d love to be a part of!

There you have it: 5 ways to cultivate community in your business.

Are you ready to start using these tips in your business?! 

*We hope so!*

One of our favorite reasons for cultivating community is when members of your community are able to connect and collaborate with one another (and we looooove a good collaboration).

That’s why we created our FREE guide: How to Collaborate with Another Business Owner

In this guide, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to find people to collaborate with, complete with fillable worksheets, a DM template to use when connecting with them, and more. Seriously friend… if you want to elevate your brand, increase your sales, and build lasting relationships, download the guide >>HERE<< (and you can thank us later)!

We can’t WAIT to see how you create win-win opportunities and build your businesses TOGETHER.

J* + The Social Curator Team


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