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3 Ways to Build Your Email List with Social Curator

Want to know a secret, friend?

*Shhhh…. This is a veeerrryyy secretive secret that we ONLY tell our business owner homies.*

>>The secret to making sales on social media is by building your email list.<<

We know it sounds a little strange that as social media marketing experts we’re telling you to get your followers OFF social media, but hear us out.

It’s important to have a way to contact your potential customers if social media disappears tomorrow.

*Let’s face it: Mark Zuckerberg could pull the plug on many people's livelihoods and we’d have nothing to say about it!*

>>At Social Curator, we encourage our users to be well-rounded business owners… and building an email list in addition to utilizing social media is the best and safest way to build your business.<<

It’s important for us to give you tools you need to succeed, so, friend, without further ado: the 3 ways to build your email list with Social Curator are...

  1. Using Social Curator Photos in Your Freebie

You may not have known this, but the lifestyle photos that come with your Social Curator membership are not restricted to use on social media. You can use them in your newsletters, blog posts, keynotes, and even freebies that you’re using to promote your email list!

*Pssssttt… A freebie is something you give your followers in exchange for your email list.*

  1. Posting the Instagram Story Templates to Promote Your Freebie

Every month, you receive 5 Instagram story templates that can be customized to fit your business. Many Curators use these templates to promote a product or service, or of course: invite their followers to download their freebie and join their email list!

  1. Customizing Our Caption Templates as Newsletter Inspiration

Once you have people added to your email list, it’s important to serve them consistently with what they need: a mixture of entertainment, encouragement, and education. The good news? Like the photos, Social Curator caption templates can be used for more than captions: they can be the perfect inspiration for your regular newsletters!

There you have it Hustler: 3 ways to build your email list with Social Curator.

Throughout this post, you might have noticed a theme… 

>>In order to build your email list, it’s easiest to promote it by creating a freebie.<<

Are you curious on what type of freebie you can create for your audience? *We had a feeling you’d ask!*

Luckily, there’s a freebie on freebies that has your name written all over it!

This guide includes the ultimate list of freebie ideas that Jasmine has put together over the last decade of building her email list. Grab your copy of 10 Freebie Ideas to Start Building Your Email List >>HERE!<<

J* + The Social Curator Team


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