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Should You Have a Personal or Business Instagram Account?

"Should I have separate personal and business Instagram accounts?" 

THIS is our most frequently asked question... Have you wondered this, too?

Well friends, we have good news: There’s no right or wrong answer--there’s only a way that works for YOUR business.

*Keep reading to find out how to determine what’s right for you!*

Here is the rule of thumb to use when deciding between a business or personal Instagram account...

>>If you think your dream customer is interested in your personal life, then infuse your personality into your business account. If not, then we would recommend separating them.<<

THAT is how to determine if you should have a personal or business account!

For example:

*We made different decisions for different audiences, and that’s exactly what you should do, too!*

>>Moral of the story: what does your dream customer want to see?<<

Still not sure if you should have a business or personal account? Test it, Hustler!

You’ll never know for sure what resonates best with your audience if you don’t test it and see how your engagement changes.

Our biggest pieces of business advice almost always revolve around testing something new, observing the feedback, and making changes based on what you learned. *We’re so predictable, aren’t we?*

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