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Our 3-Phase Social Media Launch Plan

Do you ever feel like you pour your heart and soul into your product or service, but when you put it out into the world… *Crickets?*

It’s a sad reality for many business owners, friend… but it doesn't have to be YOUR reality.

Today, we want to give you our secret weapon: our 3-phase social media launch plan!

The 3 phases we’ll be discussing today are: Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch.

Let’s break each of these down so you can go from hearing *crickets* to having a steady flow of sales!

Pre-Launch Phase

The pre-launch phase begins months prior to enrollment opening.

This phase is when we do things to prepare for open enrollment, like:

  • Writing emails announcing an upcoming masterclass, challenge, or podcast episode
  • Creating social media graphics to post during the launch
  • Planning social media posts
  • Preparing the masterclass

As far as outward-facing content goes, the goal of the pre-launch phase is to not pitch a dang thing.

*Give, give, give, and then give some more!*

>>By doing this, you are positioning yourself as the go-to authority in your industry.<<

You will show that you not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk, and you give your audience the tools and resources they need to follow in your footsteps.

Launch Phase

In the last 4 weeks leading up to launch, you get to work your magic! Each week has its own step:

  • Warm-up
  • Nurture
  • Promotion
  • Deadline

In the first week, you will warm up your audience by reminding followers who you are. Introduce yourself, share the journey that got you to where you are, and let your personality shine. Continue to show your expertise and give freely of your knowledge.

Next, acknowledge a pressure point your ideal client/customer faces and let them know you have been there, too. This puts you in a position to appease their concerns and nurture their interest.

Then, after you have put in allllllll that work, you can finally promote your services. In the third week, you’ll be an educational conduit. Offer a free online class, host a challenge, or do a series of Live videos and present your offer.

Now, let’s not get it twisted, friend. You don’t want to lead with how great you are and then ask for a sale. 

>>Framework your promotion as an educational experience to build their trust in you.<<

Finally, you’ll end with a deadline where the cart closes, bonuses expire, or discounts disappear. This will create a sense of urgency that encourages fast action.

Post-Launch Phase

Once that deadline arrives, pop some bubbly and celebrate your success!

Allow yourself to revel in the culmination of everything you have spent the last three months working towards… 

Then put down your champagne flute and let the *real* work begin.

>>Continue to serve well, show up consistently, and overdeliver on the promises you’ve made.<<

Would you like even MORE help with your social media launch plan?

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