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How to Find and Engage with Your Ideal Client on Social Media

Friend, do you know who you’re speaking to on social media?

Why, you ask? Because creating content becomes so much easier when you know who you’re speaking to.

>>Having a defined client in mind will help you connect with the right people on social media.<<

We want you to have such a clear picture of who you’re speaking to that every time you post a photo on Instagram, publish a LinkedIn Article, or upload a new TikTok video you KNOW it’s a perfect fit for your Ideal Client.

Here are 3 things to help you outline your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar):

  1. The Basics: Start by giving your ideal client life by identifying things like their name, age, and occupation.
  2. The Details: Add to that life by filling in some details, such as where they live, their relationship status, and if they have children.
  3. The Social Habits: Get clear on your ideal client’s social media habits, including what platforms they spend the most time on and their favorite accounts to follow!

If this is something you need to work on, we created a FREE Ideal Client Workbook to help you grow your business with more of the right customers.

Once you have your ideal client profile mapped out, it’s time to do some digging to find and engage with them on social media.

Here’s a three-step pathway to find and engage with your ideal client on social media:

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find people to connect with on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Start by searching local hashtags or ones based on your dream customer’s interests. Really put yourself into their shoes and think about what they are looking for on the ‘gram. 

2. Posts

Follow these hashtags to find posts from your ideal client. Connect with them by leaving a comment that’s more than four words. This not only pleases the algorithm, but shows that you are being genuine!

3. Direct Message (DM)

DMs are a great place to build trust through one-on-one conversation. Before focusing on doing this with an ideal client, try commenting on 3-5 of their posts, responding to their stories, or sharing their articles for one week prior to sending a DM. Doing so will give you something more specific to talk about, and they will be more inclined to reply because you’re a familiar name! 

Take the time to develop REAL connections, friend.

>>Connections turn into conversations which turns into conversions.<<

But of course, those conversations mean nothing if you’re not having them with the right people. Download the free Ideal Client Workbook >>HERE<< that will walk you through how to identify, engage with, and market to your ideal client!

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