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Business Productivity Tips from Social Curator’s Chief Operating Officer, Jade

Looking for more ways to be PRODUCTIVE throughout your day? Learn from our COO, Jade, who is the queen of maximizing time!

In her own words, here is a "day in the life" of Jade - with actionable productivity tips along the way.


I start off my days by setting a timer for 30 minutes to catch up on Slack messages, reading and responding to emails, then moving on to complete any quick, recurring tasks. I LOVE checking off boxes, so the earlier I can start my day with completing more Asana tasks, the better!

TIP: Knock out your easy tasks first to set yourself in a productive mood and gain momentum for the rest of the day!


No two days look the same for me, and that's what I love about my job! In between meetings, I tackle bigger projects we're working on. I'm very involved in our marketing and launches, as well as with our product team and the new features we release, so typically, my afternoons are dedicated to strategizing how we can implement some of our newest ideas with our current resources and building out projects so that we meet our deadlines.

TIP: When working with clients or a team, try to have all of your meetings on 1-2 days per week, so the rest of your afternoons are free for big projects and being creative!


In the last part of my day, I dedicate time to some ongoing, operational-related tasks and projects. Some days, I get to review all of the amazing things our team has created throughout the week!

TIP: End your work days on a high note, either by doing tasks you love or by celebrating your wins!

Isn't it amazing how Jade segments her day by task? We hope this helped you be more productive in *your* day!

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