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5 Things to Stop Doing on Instagram

Some might disagree with us, but we call it like we see it: Instagram is a two-way platform. It’s meant to be social in both directions.

>>Everyone wants to grow on Instagram, but few people are willing to put in the sweat equity to make it happen!<<

*Can we get an amen?!*

Here are 5 Instagram growth strategies that AREN'T serving you well, Hustler:

1. The Follow and Unfollow Game

Oh friend, if you aren’t genuinely interested in a person’s content, and you won’t be an active member of their community, then don’t follow them. Period.

2. Having a Perfect Feed

Put forth quality content as a stand-alone piece, and release the pressure of ensuring it matches the pieces of quality content alongside it. Serve and serve well… The rest won't matter!

3. Using Bots

Hear this, Hustler: the answer to growing a following that converts to customers is not by purchasing bot followers or paying for their engagement. If your following and likes are powered by bots, you are preventing real humans (the paying kind) from seeing your products or services!

4. Sharing Only Sales Posts

Real talk: The key to selling on social media is developing a relationship with your ideal client. They need to know, like, and trust you far before they share their credit card information! Create posts that allow you to talk about your business in a natural and conversational way.

5. Not Responding To Comments

Dreamer, the goal of every post should be to get your audience talking back to you. When your followers take the time out of their day to comment on your content, do not let that effort go unnoticed! Respond to every. single. comment. 

There you have it!

Will you commit to trading these actions in for more lucrative strategies like consistency, engaging, and building relationships?

If so, our Instagram Marketing Guide can help! In it, you’ll find a way to write scroll-stopping captions, an example of the BEST type of post that gets people talking back to you, as well as an actionable plan to get more engagement. Get the guide for FREE >>HERE!<< We can’t wait to see how your results begin to skyrocket!

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